The NFCA & Division I Coaches seek to affect change

The NFCA & Division I Coaches seek to affect change 

The NFCA has announced that its Division I membership has submitted a response to the NCAA on current early recruiting proposals in the legislative cycle. DI college softball coaches have asked for all recruiting contact to begin September 1 of a prospective student-athlete’s (“PSA”) junior year.

Discussion during the Division I Caucus at the NFCA National Convention brought overwhelming support to slow down early recruiting. With a 200-3 vote in support of a single start date for all recruiting contact, coaches in attendance began this movement for change in NCAA legislation. 

A tabulated written vote showed a staggering 95% participation rate with 80% of Division I Head Coaches in favor of making September 1 of junior year as the single start date for permissible recruiting contact. 

Below you will find links to the current FAQ, summary document, and a recruiting rules comparison chart. Read the full story.

          Early Recruiting Summary           Early Recruiting FAQ           Recruiting Rules Snapshot

For more information, contact the NFCA at or 502.409.4600

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